October 2002

Mission Statement:

As citizens of the United States, we seek to focus public awareness on America's serious border problems and to encourage support and respect for the many Law Enforcement Officers who risk their lives each day to protect our country's borders.

Our efforts are dedicated to the memory of Kristopher William Eggle.



We recently marked the second month since Kris' murder. Our political action efforts have hopefully borne some fruit. Our family never intended to be speaking publicly to groups, but if something good can come from something so horrible, then we are prepared to do what it takes.



Mitch Tobin - September 4
Mitch Tobin from the Arizona Daily Star interviewed us for a section on his series entitled "Our Perilous Public Lands: Risks to People and to the Land." These were well-written and filled with facts in the September 8 and 9 issues.

Tom Clynes - September 23
Tom Clynes, journalist for the National Geographic Adventure magazine, visited Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument after Kris' murder. He spent a few days with the L.E. Rangers touring the land and watching them in action. He then contacted us for our personal story on Kris' life and death and why he wanted to be at Organ Pipe. This should be well-worth reading, giving more in-depth information, including pictures, of life on that border. Watch for the article in a couple of months.



September 28-29

The American Border Patrol organization invited us to come join them in a "town hall" meeting. We were unable to attend, but had some friends from Ajo, Az go in our place. Caleb Kesler, a close friend of Kris', was our representative and he told our story. It was featured in the September 30 edition of the Bisbee Daily. President Glenn Spencer has continued to stay in touch with us and he would appreciate hearing from concerned citizens.


Department of the Interior:
October 7 - Morning
We had meetings at the Dept. of the Interior with Assistant Secretary Lynn Scarlett from the office of Budget and Finance; Deputy Assistant Secretary Larry Parkinson of Law Enforcement and Security; Assistant Secretary Craig Manson of Fish and Wildlife and Parks; Deputy Director Terry Davies from the Office of Congressional and Legislative Affairs; and Deputy Director Donald Murphy from the National Park Service.

Some questions we asked are as follows:

  • · Why wasn't that vehicle barrier approved and already in place?

  • Why have funds been "diverted" in the agencies and not directed to law enforcement needs when they should have been?

  • Why haven't these border areas been inspected by more leaders who make decisions and hold the "purse strings"?

  • Why aren't the people on the ground being asked questions of where they feel needs are the greatest?

  • How are parks assessed for funds they receive?

  • Why have many years of committee reports and studies not been acted on as recommended, but shelved and gathering dust?

  • Why aren't more Law Enforcement officers/rangers in place in our parks across the United States with the increase in crime noted for many years?
  • Why aren't more L.E. officers/rangers in place in border areas, especially with increased information of criminals, drug-smugglers, weapons traffickers, illegal aliens, and terrorists pushing northward and southward?

  • Why aren't our borders secure, especially after September 11, 2001?

  • Why isn't the military in place now to at least begin the securing process on these borders?

  • Why isn't the U.S./Mexican border considered a combat zone?

  • Why are some L.E. Rangers who are trying to assist us in our mission being told to "cease and desist" and to keep quiet?

  • Why did it take the murder of our son, Kristopher William Eggle, to start major policy changes?

  • Who do we, Kris' family and friends, hold responsible for his murder?


Our discussion went for approximately 2 ½ hours. They told us of policy and procedural changes that were being instituted before, and now since August 9, 2002-Kris' murder. The budget is being revised to include extra funds for L.E. training, more staff, and hopefully updated equipment. Organ Pipe is still short-staffed, but is being assisted by temporary detailers until permanent L.E. Rangers can be hired. This MUST happen very soon because their busy season is about to begin. (Of course this means the LEGAL visitors!) The vehicle barrier across Organ Pipe apparently now has been approved. (If the approval had come when previously requested in 1998 and 1999, Kris WOULD NOT have been murdered!) To us, the proof of these words will be in the beginning of the construction. They tried not to lay blame on the previous administrations, but spoke of reversing a long traditional "de-emphasis" of the L.E. divisions of NPS, Fish and Wildlife, and other DOI agencies.

These officials promised to keep in touch and update us. We are hopeful with these contacts, but still want to see actions and results on immigration reforms, border security, and L.E. protections throughout our National Parks.

Michelle Malkin:
October 7 - Afternoon
Our family met with Michelle Malkin, a nationally syndicated journalist and author of a newly-released book, INVASION. This book highlights how America still welcomes terrorists, criminals, and other foreign menaces to our shores. She is a very bright and brave young woman, who is now being "black-balled", ignored, and called names because of her stand in defending true Americans. She also has named names and written much information on government officials who have failed miserably in their jobs to protect us. No accountability seems to be standard fare. Watch for her articles and check her book out. We all need to be prepared with this information as well.

Press Conference with Rep. Tom Tancredo & Rep. Peter Hoekstra:
October 8th - Morning
Eight of our family members and several retired Army friends attended and participated in a formal press conference, sponsored by the Immigration Reform Caucus. The theme was to describe how out-of-control our U.S./Mexican border is and to recommend the deployment of military units, at least temporarily, until more L.E. officers can be trained to ensure safety for America. They also reiterated the need to tighten our immigration process and laws, and to revamp the I.N.S.

Several of us were allowed to speak about our feelings on Kris' murder. We asked for Congress, the D.O.I. and the N.P.S. agencies to address these issues NOW so other families do not have to go through this horrifying grief. We talked about combat and how Kris was thrown into it without his country backing him up. We also asked the President and Congress how they could be protecting borders all around the world, but not our own. If Homeland Security is such a high priority, then why are our borders still open, porous, and unprotected? Our remarks covered military discussions, personal witness accounts of incidents at Organ Pipe, and feelings from a grieving family of who Kris was and what he could have become, if only his life had not been cut short by an assassin from a Mexican cartel. There was good media coverage by some television and radio stations, and several newspapers from different localities. We were gratified, especially with the competition of the Iraq War debate and the terrible sniper shootings in the D.C. area.

We feel theWashington, D.C. trip was "Democracy in Action." We feel some steps were gained, but know actions still speak louder than words. Again, we express deep gratitude to each of you for your help, support, and prayers these two months. We need to continue carrying on our mission because it is just beginning. Our efforts are dedicated to the memory of Kristopher William Eggle.

God Bless You All!

Bob, Bonnie, and Jennifer Eggle, family of murdered L.E. Ranger, Kris


The Eggle Family
9051 30 ½ Mile Road
Cadillac, MI 49601


A new website is coming soon - keep watching for emails/information telling you more.

October 17, 2002