Mission Statement:

As citizens of the United States, we seek to focus public awareness on America's serious border problems and to encourage support and respect for the many federal, state, and local Law Enforcement Officers who risk their lives daily in the protection of our nation.

Our efforts are dedicated to the memory of Kristopher William Eggle.






A simple "thank you" seems so inadequate in response to the support and encouragement we have received in the weeks and months since Kris' murder. We continue to work on our grassroots campaign of disseminating information and speaking publicly about Kris' life and the cause of his untimely death. It is too late to help him, but our hopes are that his fellow Law Enforcement brothers and sisters will benefit from the efforts of all of us.


Radio/Television/Newspaper Interviews

      KPLS AM 830 Los Angeles - November 10
Kevin Shannon, a radio talk-show host from KPLS AM 830 Los Angeles, did a phone interview with us. The program is The Welch Report. He was very interested in our story, Kris' story, and how his murder was directly related to the lack of a secure border with Mexico. Kevin is a former police officer from Los Angeles who retired due to injuries received in a confrontation with the Mexican Eighteenth Street Gang. During our interview, we also were able to talk to some of his listeners and answer questions. We felt this time was very worthwhile and want to again thank Kevin and his producer Pat Dixon for arranging to have us join them. The program's website is www.welchreport.com and Kevin's email is Kbearly@earthlink.net.

      Outside Magazine - November 17
Bruce Barcott, a journalist for Outside Magazine, has followed this story about the disaster on the Arizona border. He contacted us for a personal conversation about Kris. He wanted to know why Kris chose Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument and why he stayed knowing the terrible dangers that he and his fellow Law Enforcement friends were facing everyday. He also wanted to know how the three of us have been impacted by this tragedy and what we hope to accomplish by our mission. Outside is a monthly magazine and Bruce will inform us when the article is to be published. He can be reached at westisbest@worldnet.att.net.

      Tucson Weekly Newspaper - November 18
Leo Banks is a writer for the Tucson Weekly Newspaper. He wanted to interview us about the situation at Organ Pipe that led to Kris' murder. He was very interested in how we have been contacting government officials and agency leaders to voice concerns on the lack of a real border and lack of proper funding for staffing and equipment to help make our Federal Officers better equipped to handle the illegal invasion, the criminal elements, the drugs, weapons, and possibly terrorists. His article is going to also tie in the American Border Patrol organization and their efforts to inform the public about the plight of the farmers and ranchers in Arizona. He will let us know when his article will be ready to print. His email address is leowbanks@aol.com.



      Trip to Arizona - October 31-November 4
The three of us and three other family members made the trip back to Organ Pipe Cactus to finalize Kris' life there. We had to pack up his personal belongings and prepare them for delivery back home in Michigan. We had some dear friends join us at his home to help in anyway we needed. Every evening we had a special gathering at one of the Ranger's homes with all of our new friends and Kris' friends. We can never thank them enough for their time and love, their memories shared, and the laughter and tears we all had together. We also were able to visit with other fellow workers and friends at Organ Pipe, in the community of Ajo, and at the Calvary Baptist Church where he attended. Even though this was an extremely difficult part of our grief process, there were beautiful times too. For us to know he was so loved and admired by everyone he was in contact with has touched our hearts beyond belief.

One of the comments Kris had made to us after receiving his permanent status with the National Park Service was that his next move to a different park would be partially paid for by the government. How ironic-this will be his last move, "he" will be coming home forever, and, yes, the government will be paying for his last trip.

      The Phil Donahue Show on MSNBC - November 11-12
Donahue's producer invited us to join them on their November 12th program about borders and immigration. Our friend, Michelle Malkin (journalist and author of INVASION), steered them in our direction. She told them about our friendship and some of Kris' story and thought we would be good additions to their lineup of guests. We had already committed to family and friends that opportunities given needed to be taken by us. One of our primary focus points is to continue to talk about Kris and the situation in the parks, so we agreed to be part of the show. Arrangements were made and we flew out to New York Monday afternoon.

In case you missed the program, there was a wide range of guests. They included Pat Buchanan, Rev. Al Sharpton, Glenn Spencer (American Border Patrol), Roger Barnett (rancher), and Frank Sharry (National Immigration Forum). Also in attendance were Rev. Robin Hoover and Susan Goodman of the group Humane Borders, which maintains water stations in the desert. Though well-intentioned, this group is helping encourage more illegals, drug-smugglers, and criminals because maps to the water sites have been found by Law Enforcement Rangers/Officers on arrested felons. Shakriea Yahi, an Afghani woman who is now a legal citizen, told her story about her husband being deported to Jordan after he allegedly had spoken anti-American rhetoric in Oct. 2001. Jesus Medrano, a Mexican who married an American, told how with hard work he had become a successful businessman whose worth is now about 17 million dollars. When asked if he hired illegals, he replied, "Not knowingly." With the large lineup, we were told to make our points quickly because our time would be very limited. We tried to accomplish that and hope that we reached some in Phil's viewing audience who had not known of Kris' story before. The Donahue Show transcript (Eggle episode) can be seen at www.msnbc.com/news/834584.asp.

      Dedication Ceremony - November 16
Kris' high school graduating class, the Class of 1991, organized a project in his memory. They purchased a beautiful park bench and a river birch tree and placed those by the lake, across from the track where the athletes used to soak their legs and feet after hard workouts. They also purchased a brass plate and had a poem written by classmate Ted Frisbie engraved upon it. This will be put on a granite stone (donated by Bendle-Lang Memorials) that will be placed between the bench and tree on the walkway. The dedication ceremony was lovely and our thanks go out to all Kris' dear friends who helped make this possible. What a beautiful and lasting tribute.


Other Information

      Wexford County Historical Society Museum - Through December
One of the museum curators, Diane Hora, created a tribute to Kris. It is such a great display of articles representing his life from a young child to adulthood. We have so appreciated viewing this and having our family and friends do so as well. Our thanks go out again to the museum committee for allowing this in honor of our son/brother. The museum is located at 127 Beech Street, Cadillac. Their winter hours are Friday 5 p.m.-8 p.m. and Saturday noon-4p.m. The phone number is 231-775-1717.

      Project Blue Light - Through the Holiday Season
Project Blue Light is a way to raise community awareness for those law enforcement officers who have given their lives in the line of duty to protect American citizens. People across America are asked to put blue lights in their windows and tie blue ribbons on car antennas to show respect and support for the fallen officers and for those who still serve 24 hours a day, every day of the year. For more information on this project, contact your state's COPS organization or the National COPS website at www.nationalcops.org. Let's all show how much we care for those who guard our country and try to keep us safe.

      Memorials Established in Kris' Memory
We want to give you an update on the funds that have been donated in Kris' memory. As decisions are made with the management of these funds, we will report to you. Again, we thank you for whatever help you have given us.

Ajo Calvary Baptist Church (Youth Ministries) - Ajo, Az
$3,000.00 had previously been received, with another large donation soon to be added. Earlier this month there was a Chief Ranger's Convention and they conducted a raffle (items donated by Rangers and their families) with the proceeds to be given in memory of Kris. What a joy this would be to him to know there will be benefits for the youth of Ajo.

Kris Eggle Scholarship Fund
$5,875.00 has been given to the fund established at Cadillac High School.

Kris Eggle Memorial Fund
$5,920.00 has been given to the fund to be used for special projects in our community or surrounding areas. More information will be given on how we will be using the funds.




The Eggle Family
9051 30 ½ Mile Road
Cadillac, MI 49601
Phone # 231-775-8266


The Meredith Family (Julie)
P.O. Box 516
East Jordan, MI 49727
Phone # 231-536-3578
Fax #231-536-0357

When you receive any contacts back, we would like to know from whom. If you could email us or send a fax that would be greatly appreciated.

www.kriseggle.org - The website is still under construction, but has a lot of information already.

Watch for updated address lists. Because of the anthrax problems, our letters are taking at least four weeks to actually get to their destination. We feel maybe having their home office addresses may speed up the process.


Again, we thank each of you for your thoughts, prayers, and actions on our behalf. We continue to ask for your support and prayers as we daily strive to do what is best for our cause. We have made many wonderful contacts throughout the United States and for these we are ever thankful. There are many immigration reform groups that have powerful messages and we are learning more all the time. We have friends in higher levels of the National Park Service who are advising us in certain issues because we do not want to stray from our mission or do anything that would dishonor Kristopher's memory.

We urge all of you to continue with us in seeking justice for those who are protecting all of us. We must keep making our contacts (even if the answers are slow coming in return) because nothing will be done or acted upon if these leaders do not feel there is a ground swell of people involved, asking questions and looking for change. Remember, this mission is just beginning.

God Bless You All!

Bob, Bonnie, and Jennifer Eggle