Mission Statement:

As citizens of the United States, we seek to focus public awareness on America's serious border problems and to encourage support and respect for the many federal, state, and local Law Enforcement Officers who risk their lives daily in the protection of our nation.

Our efforts are dedicated to the memory of Kristopher William Eggle.






We truly have been blessed by the countless calls, cards, letters, prayers, and words of encouragement that we have received from all our many wonderful family members and friends everywhere. Our grassroots campaign of seeking justice for Kris, of helping to improve working conditions for Law Enforcement Officers in our National Parks, and of collecting and distributing materials about the seriousness of our lax immigration policies is continuing.


Media Contacts

      Traverse City Record Eagle - December 8th
Editor Bill Thomas wrote an excellent article about Kris and the tragic end to his life. Because of problems that were not corrected by the Department of the Interior/ National Park Service, Kris was murdered. Bill lived in New Mexico for years and has a greater understanding of the border crisis than most Michigan residents. He has asked us to keep him updated on any new developments as we continue our campaign. Our gratitude is extended to him for feeling our story was worthy of telling to his audience. Bill's email address is bthomas@record-eagle.com.

      Letters to the Editor - December 9th, 12th, 17th and 20th
A suggestion was given by an email friend to write some Letters to the Editor for the Arizona papers, three of which have been published. The Arizona Daily Star published most of the letter, the Sierra Vista Herald used some of the letter and did a phone interview as a follow-up, and the Tucson Citizen published the complete letter. This is another good way to get our message to different audiences. Another piece, entitled "The Spotlight is Now on the Border," was published by the Sierra Times on their website (www.sierratimes.com/02/12.18/edbe121802.htm).

      WTCM NewsTalk 580 AM - December 11th
Ron Jolly, morning talk show host for WTCM, invited us for a live interview. Ron was prepared with information pertinent to our discussion. We were able to tell about Kris as a young boy, about his character and his leadership traits, and about his ability to make friends wherever he went. We discussed Kris' training for serving his country as a U.S. Park Ranger, and also how this job became more of a military mission as time went by. Ron is also a strong proponent of securing the borders, enforcing immigration laws, and using the military to help gain the control that is so desperately needed. Again, we want to thank him for allowing us to tell Kris' story, and making more people aware of the dangers facing our young people working on the border. Ron's email address is talk@wtcmradio.com.

      FHM (For Him Magazine) - December 15th
Shanti Sosienski, a freelance writer from Los Angeles, contacted us for information on the Law Enforcement aspect of the National Parks. She has been an avid supporter of the parks and is saddened by how Law Enforcement Rangers have now been put in such defensive positions. She has read many of the studies and reports and sees how slowly the government works in changing policies. We also discussed how we now feel about the parks, if Jennifer planned to continue to work for the NPS, and if we foresee any positive changes in the future. The focus for her article is going to be Rangers and parks around the country, with Kris' story as a part of the bigger picture. This should be an excellent article with the readership being the people who use the National Parks regularly. Thank you, Shanti, for including our son Kris as a reference for your article! This should be on the newsstands in April/May. Shanti's website is http://www.mediabistro.com/shantisosienski and her e-mail address is Shantisos@aol.com.

      KRLA AM 870 Talk Radio from Los Angeles - December 22nd
Terry Anderson interviewed us for his program, the Terry Anderson Show. He began a mission of informing people about our border problems and terrible immigration policies a few years ago because of the lack of information coming from any media source. He chastised members of our government about not caring for Americans' needs (health care, education, Social Security), but instead, making plans with Vincente Fox to extend our Social Security policies for Mexicans who work here. Fox is still upset that the full amnesty plans were stalled after the 9-11 terrorist attacks, so he wants Bush to appease him with this plan. It sounds as though things are moving in this direction. If you feel this is a travesty to OUR citizens, read up on the situation and voice your concerns. Terry also cited many cases, including Kris' murder, of how illegal aliens have killed, raped, plundered, burglarized, and left debris and garbage everywhere as they travel illegally into our country. Why should we tolerate this? How many more Americans have to be injured or murdered before our government obeys the Constitution and protects the U.S. citizens? Terry is an amazing orator and host and we really appreciated him allowing us the time to tell some of Kris' story to his audience. His website is http://www.theterryandersonshow.com. He is going to put our email address and our website on his page also. Terry wanted to assure us he would help send out our message the best he could. God Bless You, Terry, for caring enough to do something so gracious for our family.

      Association of National Park Rangers (ANPR) Magazine - Late December 2002
Kevin Moses, a Law Enforcement Ranger and friend of Kris' has written an article - a letter to Kris. We will be very anxious to read this because we know how much these fine young men had connected with each other, even for a very short time. Kevin also addresses all Rangers on what their responsibilities will be to help bring about changes that are desperately needed. This promises to be a worthwhile read. Our friend Kevin and his family have a standing invitation to come visit us at Cadillac when the weather warms in the spring or summer. Thanks for caring and sharing your heart with us, Kevin. We appreciate you and all you've done in the service of your country.

      Michigan Runner Mgazine - November/December 2002
Dave Foley, Kris' Cross Country coach and dear friend, wrote a remembrance article about Kris. It was very touching because it again pointed out the true character of our son/brother. Dave stated that even though Kris was a great runner, he never sought attention. He was always looking out for the other guy, for the team, and if he did not have a good race, he always felt bad that he let his friends down. " Kris was a caring person who made the rest of us feel good about ourselves, and made us all want to be better people." Simply put, Coach Foley knew him almost better than anyone else, and they remained dear friends throughout Kris'short, but inspiring life.

     National Parks Magazine - November/December 2002
Tim Vanderpool, a writer from Tucson who concentrates on environmental and border issues, did a piece in the National Parks Magazine. He highlighted Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, Big Bend National Park, Padre Island National Seashore, and Saguaro National Park. In his investigations, he noted that the parks are woefully understaffed along the Southern border and that they have become targets of drug and people smugglers. These illegal border crossers have left behind a trail of trash, destruction, and in some cases, death. Tim stated that nowhere is the situation more pressing than at Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument where Kristopher Eggle was gunned down by a Mexican outlaw. This is a must-read article. Thank you, Tim, for again bringing this horrendous problem to the attention of your many readers.



      Michigan Concerns of Police Survivors (MI-COPS) Banquet - December 8th
Our family was invited to a Christmas banquet in Lansing where the survivors of fallen officers from Michigan (federal, state, and local) were honored and treated to a beautiful afternoon of memorials, entertainment, networking with other surviving family members, and a catered meal. We were given a blue ornament with our loved one's name painted on it, and then we each hung ours on a tree covered with blue lights. MI-COPS is a support group for survivors, and there are monthly meetings in different areas of the state. We will try to attend a few in the Grand Rapids area. We are so thankful for the National Cops Organization and for our local organization, under the leadership of Lin Emmert from Suttons Bay.

      Cadillac Area Sports Hall of Fame - December 13th
Kris was inducted into this special Hall of Fame in two different categories. In 1990, his 2 Mile Relay team placed 2nd at the Track and Field State Meet. It was the best Cadillac had ever done, and so that team (Mike Frederick, Ryan O'Neal, Paul McMullen, and Kris) was chosen for this honor. Kris also was inducted for his athletic abilities in Cross Country and Track in 1991. Part of this recognition was for winning the indoor 2- mile state championship at University of Michigan as a senior. Because of his untimely death, Bob and I were his representatives and were presented with the award for him. This was an extremely difficult time, but also a wonderful celebration of his accomplishments, as well as of all the other inductees that were honored. Our congratulations go to every award winner.


Other Information

      Special Visitors at the Eggle Home
Two of Kris' dear friends from Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument have visited us this winter. Bo Stone came for part of the hunting season and spent 12 days at our home. It was rewarding for us to be able to spend quality time with a young man who had spent over a year working side-by-side with Kris. They were so closely bonded and that broken link has been extremely difficult for Bo. We shared many memories about Kris and that was rewarding for all of us. In mid-December Brian Fields, a housemate and close friend of Kris, visited for a few days. He wanted to spend time with us and at Kris' special places, such as the farm, the lake, and Sleeping Bear Dunes. Brian has taken a new position in Florida and will start in January. We are so thankful Kris' friends have become our friends and they are always welcome at our home. Our daily prayers continue to go out for protection and safety for our dear friends at Organ Pipe and other Parks. We feel they now have a guardian angel watching over them.

      A Lovely Christmas Tribute to Kris
After the Ron Jolly radio interview on December 11th, we were contacted by a family from the Mesick area. They had made a decision to help a family this Christmas. After they heard the Ron Jolly program, the family they chose was us. Their plan is to write letters to Congressmen and in turn go visit 20 of their friends and ask them to do the same. Working together for the common good of our country is a wonderful thing to do. What is more precious than our freedoms? More people need to take that stand to show they believe changes should be made to make our country safer, so there will be no more Kristopher William Eggle's who have to die needlessly. Thank you, friends, for showing the true Christmas spirit of giving and helping others in need. May God Bless You.

      Michelle Malkin
Michelle appeared on C-Span, December 8, 2002, on the Book Notes program. She was able to give some background on why she became an investigative writer. She stressed that citizenship is a privilege and not a right and for those who want to come and become American citizens, that privilege must be earned. She stated case after case of how the government agencies let the LEGAL American citizen down by not following through with laws regarding these illegal aliens, all of whom were criminals. She also appeared on the Terry Anderson Show in Los Angeles three weeks ago to do a live interview and question and answer time. She is a vibrant, brave young lady, and again we encourage you to read her book INVASION. It has now made the New York best-seller list. Congratulations, Michelle. We knew you could and would do it and we are so proud of you.

      WWTV-WWUPTV - 9 & 10
One of the reporters for 9 & 10 News, Jennifer Ranville, had contacted our family to do a follow-up on our grassroots campaign. Because of a serious ice storm, we had to cancel our interview, but will hopefully be able to complete that in the near future.



Project Blue Light is still continuing. We plan to leave our blue lights up for at least another month. This is a way of raising community awareness for Law Enforcement Officers who have given their lives in the line of duty. It is also a sign to show respect and support for those officers (federal, state, local) who serve us 24 hours a day. Consider how meaningful this is for the living officers who can see the glow of blue from windows, see blue ribbons on car antennas or the blue ribbon pins which are also being worn by many.

The Wexford Historical Museum will be displaying Kris' memorabilia for a while longer, so if you are interested in seeing the representation of part of his life, contact the museum for their winter hours. Their number is 231-775-1717.

The American Police Beat Magazine has an article in their November edition about Kris. It was written by one of his good friends from FLETC, Derek Anderson.

National Geographic Adventure's article by Tom Clynes and Outside magazine's article by Bruce Barcott will be on the stands soon. These will be the February editions, and will be at newsstandes mid-January. When you see them, buy a few and spread around to your friends.

The Tucson Weekly newspaper story by Leo Burns has just been printed. It is an excellent piece on the plight of the Arizona farmers and ranchers and how they are trying to deal with this invasion of illegals. Kris' murder is mentioned as what can happen when controls are not in place. You can read this at their website - www.tucsonweekly.com.


Memorials and Updates

Since our last newsletter, an additional amount of $2,580.00 was donated from the Chief Rangers' Convention in Utah. This will be added to the existing $3000.00 for Youth Ministries in Ajo, Az. Thank you, Chief Rangers and families, for your loving kindness shown in Kris' memory. May God richly bless you.

Another donation of $600.00 was received for the Kris Eggle Memorial Fund and we made the decision to use it for needy families in the Cadillac area. Some was given to the Shepherd's Table and Pantry and another amount was given to Project Christmas.




The Eggle Family
9051 30 ½ Mile Road
Cadillac, MI 49601
Phone # 231-775-8266


The Meredith Family (Julie)
P.O. Box 516
East Jordan, MI 49727
Phone # 231-536-3578
Fax #231-536-0357

www.kriseggle.org - The website is filled with information, but still under construction. We are continuing to work on those updated addresses for the Congress members' home office addresses. Hopefully this may speed up the process of delivery of our mail. They should be on the website very soon.

Also remember to continue sending us copies (mail, fax, email) of responses you receive from any of the officials you write to. Some are doing a good job responding, but others are playing the "I never saw that document" game.

We are cautiously optimistic that our "words" are being heard in many areas around the country, including Washington, D.C. We have heard back from some Senators and Representatives and from the Department of Justice, Department of the Interior and National Park Service (Director Fran Mainella, Deputy Director Don Murphy, and Regional Director Karen Wade), The F.B.I., and the State Department. We must continue with our work in this crusade because actions still speak louder than words.

We are also very troubled to think that our government has made plans to tighten up the Afghanistan/Pakistan border and still won't consider securing our own porous borders with military. The plans are to spend at least $500,000,000, put 177 lookout towers along the length, and send thousands of troops to assist in guarding these areas. Medical facilities and housing quarters for our soldiers will also need to be built.

Once again, we express our gratitude for all your thoughts, prayers, and actions on our behalf. We hope you will continue to help our family in this crusade of justice for Kris' memory and for the rest of our Law Enforcement Officers doing these dangerous jobs without all the support they need and deserve. Please keep encouraging your senators and representatives and others in leadership roles to remember the laws of our land and our Constitution. There are many errors of the past that need to be corrected with our borders and immigration policies.

We encourage you to keep writing. As you voice your concerns to Congress members and government agency leaders, we suggest for you to articulate this concept. Our immigration policies are in chaos. American citizenship has been historically a privilege to be earned by an immigrant through legal processes. Now it has become an entitlement to be just" handed out as candy", without due process. Congress must control this and immediately reinstate original citizenship processes.

Please remember that the only thing necessary for evil to triumph, is for good people to do nothing. Our mission is just beginning.


God Bless You All and have a Happy New Year.

Bob, Bonnie, and Jennifer Eggle